Things to do in Leeds

Leeds, a city in West Yorkshire, England, was one of the leading centres of industry in Victorian England

A great place to absorb all local history

Leeds, a city in West Yorkshire, England, was one of the leading centres of industry in Victorian England. Leeds city museum is a great place to absorb all local history. Today this city is one of must visit places in England. It has many lovely parks and a amazingly lively restaurant scene, with many eateries specialising in international cuisines. The nightlife would surely be one of the things to do in Leeds you wouldn’t want to miss, as it has some of the best bars and clubs in the north of England. Our accommodation puts you in the heart of Leeds.

Shopping In Leeds

Shopping In Leeds

Leeds is a central shopping destination in the UK with more than 1000 shops and stunning boutiques in luxurious arcades. With diverse shopping malls and a fabulously walkable city center, No shoppers’ paradise in the United Kingdom matches Leeds.

things to do in leeds city centre

Compact city center with heart-stirring shops

The West Yorkshire city is very compact, meaning you can move from one shop to the next without much trouble. It is the perfect destination to explore a magnificent choice of stores in the shortest time possible.

Leeds Attractions

The Corn Exchange is one of the independents that offer quirky product and off-fashion pieces. It hosts abroad assortment of retailers, vintage markets, and exquisite eateries. Another stunning is the shopping place is the Grand Arcade where you can find independent stores for artwork, acoustics, food fairs, and books.

Eating out in Leeds

Eating in Leeds

What do you do after a long day of work in Leeds? You deserve a nice drink and delicious meal. Enjoy heavenly menus serves with award-winning bowls if you are a foodie!

Traditional treats Services apartments & accomodation in Leeds

Traditional treats

A Sunday lunch in Leeds comes with plenty of options. Whether you want the finest British steak or the perfect fish and chips, fragrant sushi, rest assured you’ll go home with a full stomach and a stunning smile.

The Best Indian food in Leeds


Modern Leeds hotels and restaurant serve some of the world’s most exclusive gastronomic delights. You don’t need to take a flight to India to enjoy the Indian piquancy, aromas, and flavors. The sheer number of Indian restaurants offers the best cuisines from the South or North.

Child Friendly places to go in leeds

Child-friendly city

Whether you are taking your kids out of having a family get-together, Leeds restaurants will keep your children busy with exciting activities besides chicken and French fries. If your teenagers are foodies, try the French classics or stacked burgers. It is the best place to have your kids grow up in.
Pubs and Bars - leeds attractions


From craft beers to rooftop cocktails, you won’t be disappointed. There is a wide selection of drinks you can enjoy with meat and cheese boards. Why not have a post-shopping drink in Leeds to quench your thirst?

What to do in Leeds

Nightlife in Leeds

How would you like to end your unforgettable days in Leeds? The Observer voted Leeds as the most epic place for a night out in England. The thriving music scene, an endless selection of bars, and strong drinking culture don’t disappoint one bit.
Cultural places to visit in leeds

Cultural nights

Perhaps you don’t like heavy drinking in which case you can enjoy a cultural evening in the vibrant city. Cultural nights in Leeds encompass comedy, live music, opera, ballet, and dance shows. There are plenty of comedy venues where renowned comedians make epic nights.

Nightclubs and bars in Leeds

Nightclubs and bars

The big clubs and bars are the liveliest places for night outs. You can choose a hub with your ideal choice of music. For a low-key night, grab a relaxed bar or pub at Briggate while the Millennium Square is the right place for upscale cocktails.
Travelling around Leeds


You can easily get around on foot in Leeds. The pedestrianized city center is made more secure by Street Angles, a volunteering organization that looks after people as they enjoy their nights. The unique taxi marshals in Leeds are located at key destinations just to see people arriving at their homes safely.